Monday, March 16, 2009 hits album..

new superstar
10 hits songs
Who am I
- This song is about one girl that is do not know about her self and still learn to be a better human in his life. She learns from other people what is meaning of life.
Ø no wonder
- From this song everyone can do what they want to do without thinking what other people will say about that.
Sweet memories in your heart
- About one man that is starting to be in love with a girl and got a wonderful love and always wants makes his love happy.
Ø Thinking of u
- This song is about me that is cannot forget about my love and want keep our memories always in my heart.
Ø Nothing between us
- This song is about a couple of best friend that is falling in love each other but cannot say that just because the promise that they have made before.
Who cares
- One little boy that is neglect by his parents and be a bad boy because lack of love from surrounding.
- From this song we can falling in love with a green nature and always take care of environment. This song also tell us about how important green nature to our health.
Don’t hurt me again
- A girl that is very disappointed with her love and still try to find a new love and hope that this time her love is not on half way.
Ø Live and die
- This song is about a human life from born until dead and lessons that we can take from our life whether it is good or the bad one.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Before I start this story I believe that everything in this world is came from Allah. We as human must believe that live and die is in Allah hand and we must accept Qada’ and Qadar from Allah. There is a lot kind of creature in this world but when we talk about ghost, there is something that we are afraid of. I also very afraid when hear about ghost story and when I stay at Uitm Segamat, ghost story is like a routine story. Every semester will have at least one new story ghost.

Since I study at Segamat, first story I heard is about Nilam College. I heard that there got one wing called “Wing Harapan” that is very scary and never open for students to stay there until my badge (now part 3) is coming. All part one must stay at that wing. They said that they also hear a voice crying at midnight. They also said there got student died in the cupboard after playing hide and found with her friend. I really don’t know the story is true or not but I believe that the wing got history that we never know.

Other than that, second story that I heard is about Block Ilmuan. I have heart that Block Ilmuan is scary at night. Some student has found security in yellow uniform walking and his face is very scary. They said that the man is killing himself because frustrated with one lecturer that rejects his love so he decides to kill himself. I also very scared walking at Block Ilmuan at night after I heard that story but I have to because I got night classes every Tuesday and Wednesday. I decide to go to class with my friend even she is very late and I will waiting for her as well as I do not walking alone to class.

My roommate also has facing one scary experience last two semesters. I am in part one that time. She is study alone and we all sleep already. The time is around 2.30am. She feels so sleepy and wants to go to the toilet to wash his face and want make it fresh but she didn’t wake up me or other. But when she go outside and walk 2 steps, she saw that thing in front of toilet. She put down his spectacle on his head to make sure what she have seen is true and it is really true. With no voice she quickly comes back to our room but she said that his steps are too slow even our room is at the back. My room and toilet is far and thank god she saw that thing in the far distance.

These kinds of story sometimes make me scary to stay at Uitm Segamat. But I have to finish my study even there are a lot of scary story that I must to face it. I hope that I will never see it and I believe that not only human life in this world and there is other that we can see it. Only the lucky people can see what we call it as “ghost”.........