Monday, April 6, 2009

my feeling about all my subject at end of this semester....

My feeling about all my subjects this semester...

For this semester, I enjoyed take five subjects. There is English for academic purpose (BEL 311), Introduction to Statistics (QMT 216), Business communications (MGT 269), Mandarin language (BMD 101), Microeconomic (ECO 162) and last is Hockey (HSL 119). Actually I suppose to take my carry paper that is Cost accounting (ACC 162) that I drop it when I was in part 2. But, I think I can take it this semester because the subject is very heavy and have four credits hour. So, I decided to take the subjects in my intersession. The best thing is I can take the subject at Larkin Campus as a passenger candidate.

Talk about my first paper, BEL 311, there are a lot of thing I want to story here. First thing is I really have learned a lot of thing from my lecturer, Mr. Izuan b Ismail. He is the one who teach us how to create the blog and truly in my heart that I really enjoy playing with the entry that he told us to do. Even sometimes I have no time to post my entry but I tried my best to do so. Other than that, he also told us to do a short drama and it was so funny and thank god that I just be a narrator for my group presentation. For this semester, again we also have a speaking test and I am quite nerves to take the test and I hope I can make it very well. I think this semester, paper BEL 311 is quite hard and I have to work hard on it. I also hope that I can get A from Mr. Izuan. This semester is at the end and there are a lot of memories in BEL 311 and I will keep it in my heart.

For QMT 269, I feel afraid with this paper because the paper needs the calculations skill. I am the one who is very weak in calculations. From my last experienced, I failed the calculations paper and I afraid the same thing will happen again. But, it is not the reason. I must work hard to score in my final. QMT 269 is like other paper that is has the assignment that we called it as project paper. My project paper is 80% finish. Thank god my partner for this project is my best friend here so that is so easy to me to discuss with her. My lecturer for this subject is PM Ruhana bt Zainudin. I hope I can get at least B+ for this subject. I have tried my best do my first test and I pass the test. The second test is too hard to me because I really don’t understand about the questions. I hope in the final, I can answer the entire question and all history about calculations paper will not happens again.

The third paper for this semester is MGT 269. This paper I think is very interesting because there are a lot of thing we must to do such as interview, do a mock meeting, do a proposal and report writing. For the beginner, I feel so hard to do all these kind of thing because I feel that I cannot do that. But I have tried to do my best and thank god that I and my group can finish all the work even we got fighting about grouping. I hope that I can get a best result for this paper. My lecturer is Sir Ahmad Kamil b Mohamed. He is a good lecturer and always helps his students when we have a problem. Other than that, this subject also teaches us how to attend to an interview and so on. For the first time, I felt quite nerves. Totally, I think subject is a good subject for student and I also can improve my communication with other after I have studied this subject about four month.

Other than that, I also take Mandarin Language for this semester. This subject code is BMD101 and I think this subject is quite easy. The most important thing is we must study hard to remind all the word and also the meaning. We also must do a project that is a short drama and must record the project before submit it. For the first time I learn this subject I am quite excited. I decide to take this subject because I think after I finish my study I can do a business partner with Chinese people and make easy to communicate with them besides speak in English and Malay. My lecturer for this subject is Mr Lim and he is s funny lecturer when he teaches us. We like him so much. But in Mandarin, the test is quite hard especially the listening test because they use pure Mandarin Language and it is hard to us as the beginner in this subject to understand all the word. Over all, I like study Mandarin language and I hope I can get a better result on project and all the test because Mandarin do not have the final paper and totally based on the project and test.

My repeat subject is Microeconomic (ECO 162) and I take this paper at this semester. My lecturer for this paper is PM Abdullah b Abd Latip. Last semester I failed this paper because I do not understand all about this subject. But in this semester I want to score in this subject because I do not want repeat my mistake again. After take this paper for the second time, I feel this subject is quite simple. Maybe the way my lecturer teaches us I can follow. I hope that I can get at least b+ in this subject. Over all, I like this subject and I do not want do a mistake again.
My last subject for this semester is Hockey (HSL 119). My coach is En Halim. I like this subject so much. Every Thursday we must go to rugby field and training there. I enjoy playing hockey. We have fitness test and must submit the article about hockey as the assignment. Over all I hope can get a good gred in his subject.

That all is my subject in this semester and I want to thank to all my lecturer because have teach me and at the end of this semester I want to say sorry if I do a mistake to all of my lecturer and all my friends especially my classmate. Working with all of you to finish the assignments make me realize how important friends to me. Thanks again…..