Saturday, February 14, 2009


What is LOVE?? When we talk about love, I believe that everyone are very interested to discuss about this topic. Love can be discribe in many way. But in my opinions, love is one word about someone feeling to others. For me, love is very special word and everyone wiil feel it one day. Love always related with our heart. Love also born from our heart too. I also can feel love in my heart. Love is very special to me. Without love, I think that my life is not complete. Love can make my life be more better. Love also can make me happy and always smile.

For me, love is not easy to come but very easy to go. To find a true love is not easy to me. I also do not know whether I have found a true love or not. Sometimes I feel that people around my age is not suitable to falling in love with someone. It is because love sometimes can make our life become worse too. Althought love is important in our life but not all love is really true nowdays. I also afraid to falling in love but I have to. It is because it can accompany me when i feel lonely. Love also can make me have more energy to study and doing anything right.
On 14 February all people know that it is a Valentine's Day. But for me, it is not inportant. I am not interested to celebrate it. I prefer to stay at my room on that day. I know all couple in this world wil celebrate that day. The power of love can make someone crazy I guess. Whether I think I have a boyfriend, but I am not too fanatic about that, just to complete my teenagers life. But whatever are happen, I hope that I can be more loyalty to my partner and he also will doing the same thing. Love for me is very intersting emotion and all people must falling in love at least once.

Other than that, I think love not only for boyfriend or girlfriend. A true love is for our family and for our self but the very important thing is love to our God. people must carefull about their feeling in love because love can make our life neither bad or better. So love is very sweet if all people use it in the right way. To me, falling in love with someone is not like choose a thing. We must choose a suitable person. I also have a dream to have a guy that can make me happy one day.

My dream is to have a simple guy. He must understand me in any situation. If he is not handsome it is ok to me but at least he can behave himself. If someone is just good looking but not respect others especially my parent is no good. Other than that, I also want someone who is can take care of me and my family. The very important is he is 'beriman'. He also can be my listener if I have a problem. He can share anything with me and not afraid to give me a money.....So I hope my choice that I have made is not wrong. Last but not least, I hope my true love will come to me..


  1. don;t ever try to celebrate valentine day.. haram taw...

  2. i agree wiyh u about that love noy easy to come but easy to go...hope u will happy wtih ur love one.

  3. In my opinion, Valentine's Day is a commercialized occasion to increase the sale of chocolates and roses.