Friday, January 30, 2009

everyone must know this!!!!

10 facts about myself
· I like to smile

- People who do not know me very well will say that I am very hard to smile. But the fact is I love to smile even I been scolded by my mum or anyone. I think by smile we can always look so sweet and easy to get a lot of friend. When I smile I feel that all my problem is gone. So where ever I go I do not forget to smile :)
· I love sport
- I love sport very much especially hockey. Since I was young, I involved in many kind of sport.s Sport to me can make our body healthty and not easily to get sick. And in my opinions, sport not only for boys but girls also can do sports.
· I am very sensitive to mosquito
- Mosquito is my enemy!! I do not like mosquito because when I have been bite, it will last forever. I hate mosquito!!!
· Easy to cry
- One of my hobby is crying..I really dont know why I am very easy to cry. Even in happy situation also I will cry. My brother called me as ''hati tisu'' and I really dont like that name. But I think I cannot change myself..
· I have beautiful teeth
- Actually I dont know that my teeth is beauty..hehehe..My bestfriend told that. I am very thankful to God because give me a beutiful teeth. After this I am sure that everyone want see my teeth..hehehe
· I like to eat corn cup..
- If I go to Giant Hypermarket at my home, I dont forget to buy corn in cup. It taste so sweet..
.Easy to get up every morning before my alarm ringing..
- Every morning I can get up by myself. No need set alarm I guess..hehehe
· Don’t like those who is very poyo
- Like simple person with simple life. I dont like people who over dress and so on..For me simple can make someone look more perfect.
· Very care about other's feeling even my heart is brake
- The most important things is must care about other's feeling. It is because when we always respect other people, I am sure that people also will respect us. I really dont care about my feeling if I want make someone happy as well as the thing that I want to do is not wrong. My mother teach that thing.
· Love money and easy to pokai
- Money is very important nowdays. So we must ''mata duitan''. I really dont care what people want to say because I think all people love money. Hehehe.. without money we can not do anything. Even when we want to go to public toilet also must use money to enter that toilet. So before late, I must find money for my own good.
· I like to freeze ants and insect in my ice box
- This is also fact about me. I like to freeze them in my ice box. I started do this job since I was fifteen years old when I was bite by big ants. Start from that, insect is my playing tools. It is very hard to me to change that habits but I still trying to love ants and insects.
· I already have boyfriend..
- No comment..
· Like singing
- I like karaoke with my friend and I really enjoy to do that. At one time, I will spent about RM 20 just for the songs that I like.
· My bantal busuk is doreamon
- I cannot sleep without my lovely pillow. I will bring my pillow if I want sleep anywhere. I also will wash it every two month.
· Don’t like eat spicy food
- I cannot eat lot of spicy food because my stomach cannot take it. If i eat spicy food I will go to toilet about two or three time.

So, this is all facts about myself..

Thursday, January 29, 2009

:my pecah kepala classmate:

This picture is my D3B2 check it out!!

1. **AL AMIRUL** : He is very active guy, a little bit noisy but he is very nice to me. The best thing is, he is my supplier for the "sandwich and hot dog bread"..thank you AL AMIRUL for choosing me became your business partner..

2.**ASYRAF** : Actually I really did not know about ASYRAF. I never talk with him. But when I look his face I think he is supernatural boy..hahaha..I hope one day he can say hi to me.. peace..

3.**AZHAR** : One of the naughty boy in my class. Everybody call him Sood. Nice guy and big laughing boy.. Come on AZHAR..!!

4.**KHALID** : class rap..tabik2..he is very confident boy. I did know about him very well. But I think he can be a good leader. KHALID..??

5.**NASRI** : Hindustan man in this class. Very closed with Sood and very hard to smile. So, smile always NASRI..??

6.**SYAHRUL NIZAM** : Pity SYAHRUL NIZAM..injury make him more matured..haha..get well soon..

7.**AIN** : She is very kind person, quite shy and her home too near our campus. So near AIN..

8.**SALWA** : Twin in my class but I still can look their different. SALWA is quite fat than her twin. Very hardworking and I like to be friend with her.

9.**ATIKAH** : I never talk to her but she is a simple girl I guess. I hope she will be my friend and can share everything with me. Good luck ATIKAH..

10.**FARAH IRMA** : She is cute girl and very nice. Actually I really do not know very well about her but I can describe FARAH IRMA as comel.

11.**AIZA** : I never talk to her but she is a simple girl I guess. I hope she will be my friend and can share everything with me. Good luck AIZA..

12.**SYILA** : My classmate since I was in part 2. SYILA not like to talk too much. She is very quiet person and like to smile. I like to be friend with her.

13.**EMA** : She is the one who I like to be friend with. Be friend with her make me always laughing and always laughing..EMA is the best.

14.**RADIAH** : Twin with Salwa and one of my speaking group. She is very hardworking and look more matured than her sister..RADIAH..I like be friend with her..

15.**AZI** : I like be friend with her because she is funny than I thought. When I saw her face for the first time I felt scared because she looks so angry. But I was wrong because she is so nice and I like to disturb her. I hope that I can be friend with her forever. I love you AZI.

16.**ERNIE** : She is a simple person, quite shy and my classmate since I was in part 1. I like to be friend with ERNIE.

17.**SUE** : Nice person and like to smile. She not like to talk too much.SUE cute..

18.**LIN** : She is kakak to me. Even she is small than me but her age is 21 I guess. She likes to smile and I like to be friend with LIN.

19.**NIK** : She is my best friend in class. She is very kind and like to belanja me every thursday after class. I like to sit beside her in class and do together. She always help me and remind me to do this assignment just now. NIK..thursday is coming. Cafe mari..

20.**ZIRA** : She is kepo than I thought. Even she is small but she always talking and talking. Zira is so nice person and always make me laugh. So funny.

21.**SAL** : Who are SAL..? No answer......

22.**HUDA** : Her face always masam but once if she smile I think it so sweet. I heard that she want to get married soon. Is it true HUDA??

23.**APEK** : She is very talkactive person and so kind. Go..go APEK.

24.**SYIDA** : Very sweet and confident girl. Like to smile and always with our class rap. Syida also very kind..

25.**FARAH** : I really do not know about her. Very closed with apek and also kind to me. Farah good luck.

26.**FARAH AIN** : Her voice is too slow and some times I can not heard it. She is very closed with syida and their face are same I think. Right FARAH AIN?

27.**ZATY** : She is very kind to me. She always smile and smile all the times. ZATY cute..

28.**ASYIKIN** : She is a nice girl. Looks very confident. I like your smile ASYIKIN..

29.**RAJA** : I really dont know about RAJA. Mybe she is ok..

Friday, January 16, 2009

Something about my self....

My name is Salbiyah bte Mohammad. I live in Larkin Jaya, Johor Bahru. I was born at Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor Bahru on 25 February 1989. This year my age is 20 and I feel like I am older now. My father name is Mohammad bin Hj Buang and my mother name is Khamisah bt Abdullah. They are still working to support our big family. I have five siblings and I am the third one. I have one elder sister. She’s 26 now and has got married 2 year later and still has no child. Now she’s continue her study at Shah Alam and taking ‘’Diploma Lepasan Ijazah’’ for her to be a teacher. Her husband is a tudm and stay with our family at Johor Bahru. After that is my brother and he is 24 now. Actually, I really do not know what my brother occupation is because he is always changing his work. He is still single and no plan to get married. I also have twin’s sister and they are in form 5 now and will taking their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia this year. They are twin but their face is totally not same. Their style also looks very different. They not live together because one of them is at MRSM Mersing and other one is stay at Johor Bahru and want finish her study there.

My primary school name is Sekolah Kebangsaan Tanjung Puteri, Johor Bahru and when I was in standard 4 I start playing hockey and active with sports and other more. My memories at my primary school will never forget because I have learnt a lot of thing there. After I finish my standard 6 study, I got an offer at Sekolah Sukan Bandar Penawar. Kota Tinggi but I reject that offer because I am afraid my study will down when I always involves in sports. My UPSR result is 3A2B and thinks that is not bad. So I decided to continue my study at daily school only.

After that my secondary school is Sekolah Menengah Sultanah Engku Tun Aminah. Johor Bahru. When I am first time arrive at that school, my feeling so different. I feel so lonely, afraid and a bit nerves. But, I throw that feeling away from my life. Finally, everything has changed my life. When I was in form one, I have a lot of friends. On that time was so happening. I also playing hockey there and also selected for Johor team in “Tunas Cemerlang” program. I play for Johor about three years until I am in form three. I have earned a lot of experience because when I was play for Johor I go travel in many countries such as Perlis, Kedah and Melaka. The best part is when my team has a friendly game with Singapore National Team at Singapore. I stay at Singapore about two days. After that, I also have meet with Malaysia players such as S Kuhan, Roslan Jamaludin and many more. I was so happy. My PMR result was bad because I only got 1A4B3C just because a week before I sat for my PMR examination I was in Melaka playing hockey and never study for that.

I am quite disappointed of my result and I promise to myself to study hard for my SPM. When I was in form 4 and 5 I have tried to balance my study and my sport and it is totally work because my SPM result was not bad. I got 3A4B2C and finally I am here for my further study. My life I think a bit interesting and I never regret about that. So I hope there is more and more interesting story I can share with all of you.......................

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

my third semester..

This New Year is my third semester in uitm, Segamat. In this semester. I am taking about seven subjects include my repeat subject. There are BEL311(English for academic purpose), QMT216 (Introduction to statistic), MGT269(Business communications), BMD101 (Mandarin), CTU241 (Economic in Islam), my repeat subject ECO162 (Microeconomic), and the last one is HSL 119 (Hockey).

For BEL311 (English for academic purpose), my lecturer name is Sir Mohd Izuan Ismail. In this subject, I have learnt a lot of thing about English. I also can improve my English Language. Other than that, I also learn many new words that I never heard before. My lecturer, Sir Mohd Izuan is a kind person. He teaches us about how to create our new blog. It is so interesting. I can put o lot of my story here. In this blog, we can share everything each other. We also can give a comment to other’s blog. It sounds so good. I hope in this semester, I will get at least A in this subject. BEL311 is a three credit hour subject that is nothing impossible to score on it. English is very important for me because without English I am not confident to speak with other especially with my own lecturer.

QMT216 (Introduction to statistic), is one of the subject that I have struggle on it. I feel that I must study hard because I am not too expert about calculation subject. My lecturer name on this subject is Professor Madhya Ruhana Zainudin. She is quite tall women. I think this subject is a simple subject if I study hard and do a lot of exercises. I do not want failed again and again any calculations subject anymore. QMT216 is a four credit hour subject. I know I will score on this subject if I do not give up easily. I have failed two times in calculations subject and I do not want fail for the third time although they are different subject. So, I hope that I can be more mature to sit for this QMT paper this semester.

MGT269 (Business communication) is a three credit hour subject. In this subject I also can improve in English because it is totally using in English. I also will learn how to communicate with other person. My lecturer in this subject is Sir Ahmad Kamil. He wears the spectacle and his spoken in English is quite good. Business communication I think is a very important to me. It is because when I want find a job after I am finish my study, I have a skills to use when I want to communicate with other. Communication skills can make someone more confident to communicate. My target on this subject is at least A.

Other than that, I also take BMD101 (Mandarin). My lecturer is Mr Lim. He is very kind and funny. He also always makes me and my classmate laugh. I never feel boring when he is teaching us. Although the Mandarin language is a difficult subject but I still enjoy learn this subject. The best part is when we learn to pronoun the Mandarin’s words. It is very hard than I thought. I have learnt Mandarin before this when I was in standard 3 but I forgot already all the words that I have learn. For me if we want to score in this subject we must always practise all the time to speak Mandarin. This two credit hours subject is very interesting I think. We can use it when we want make a business for example. I want to get A in this subject because I am very confident that I can do it.

My lecturer in CTU241 subject is Ustaz Kamaruzaman Sulaiman. In this semester, I learn about economic in Islam. Ustaz Kamaruzaman is a simple person with a lot of knowledge about economic Islam. When I was in part one and part two I get A in this subject. So I hope in this semester I will get the same result. Insha’Allah.

Other than that, I also take my repeat subject. The subject is ECO162 (Microeconomic). I really do not know how I can fail this subject before this. Maybe it was my mistake because do not study hard and do not ask lecturer. This semester my lecturer is Sir Abdullah Abdul Latif. I want score this subject because this is my second time sitting for this paper and there is no reason why I cannot score.

My last subject that I take in this semester is HSL119 (Hockey). This is one of my favourite subject because I am ex-Johor player since I am in form one until form three. Although many people say that hockey is a dangerous sport I still want play this kind of sport. My interest on this sport will ever last. I play hockey since I was in standard 4 until form 5. But I decide to stop playing hockey for a while to concentrate my study here. Now I can continue playing hockey and I hope I can get A from my coach, Encik Halim.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

me and my life

Life is not easy. I have learnt a lot of thing since I was born. Happy, sad, laughing and crying is chancing time by time. It reminds me a lot of story; especially since I was in part one at Mara University of Technology in Segamat, Johor.
Firstly I was surprise when my sister told me that I am the one who is lucky to be there. So, I decide to quit my form 6 at Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar (EC). I know that my life will be change. My life at university is not same anymore. I know that now I must depend on myself. I must be independent.

When I was in part one, everything was very hard. I must learn to do everything on my life. My parents cannot help anymore. I must wash my clothes by myself. I must do everything alone without any help. I was so difficult for me. I do not have any friend. I tried to find a new friend. Finally my life here chance.

Now, I am in part 3. Although my study is regular I am so thankful to god because give me a chance to perform better in my study further. I know that life is not easy to be a perfect human. We must strong to face any situation that will come to us. My life since I was a kid is not too rich. I have done a lot of thing before. So I think this is one of the ways to me to be more brave and strong to face anything that will happen.
I must study very hard to help my family especially my parents. They are my life forever. I love my parents for all my heart. I love my family because I do not have anyone in this world. I hope that I will make them proud of me one day.

Life is not easy that I thought. So I must prepare myself earlier before it is too late. I must set on my mind that nothing impossible to be a successful people. The very important thing is do not give up when we are in t a big problem. Every people in this world are not perfect. I failed two papers when I was in part one but I do not give up easily. I study very hard and do a lot of exercises. Finally I passed my paper.

So, now I believe that victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice. Start from now I want to change my family conditions. I want to make them happy. My life here actually still begins and I want to study very hard to be a good student. Last but not least. Everything will be under control accept we afraid to do so.